As date for Barcelona Marathon is coming closer on the 15th of March 2015, some of the LASENOR members have set to participate in the challenge and in the bargain raising funds for the Non Profit Organization “Els Avets de Moià”.

This is a charity organization integrated in El Arca (The Ark) International Federation Community who assists in treatment and adaptation to the community of people affected by Down Syndrome.

“The Ark” was founded in 1964 by Jean Vanier in France who opted for living in community with two Down Syndrome patients who until then, were living as interns in a Mental Institution.

At present there are more than 140 sites belonging to “The Ark” in 30 countries worldwide. The community house located in Moià town, around 50 KM from Barcelona, is nowadays chaired by Jaume Lluch, Lasenor’s commercial director who all of you will know.

It currently houses 21 people and offers a family environment with attention to daily chores and occupational tasks designed for each individual.

For further information please visit:

Lasenor will cover the inscription costs of participants (also non employees are welcome) who will help us rising funds for the Organization.

You are all invited!

Also non runners are welcome to make a donation on the bank account we have opened in the name of Lasenor for this event.


  • IBAN: ES65 0182 2347 4402 0159 2656